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Penny Herman

Serious Interview series

Dena Derakhshan here, I'm the co-writer, director and producer of the show, and we're doing a serious interview with Penny Herman, who played the role of "Jill Zuckerberg".

We've recently completed production on the show and it's out there now. Who would you say would enjoy the show?

I would say everyone will enjoy this show. Especially folks who like to laugh when they get a little scared. And zombies right after a feeding frenzy.

Seriously, how did we meet?

We met at my husband's birthday party. We had Italian food and cake that night!

That was good eating! Seriously, can you tell me a little about yourself?

I have always been a performer. I started in the NYC Opera Children's Chorus, from there I studied musical theatre and appeared in many plays and musicals -- regional theatre to Off-Broadway. I performed for many years as half of Coco and Penny -- the World's Only Mother-Daughter Comedy Team. In addition, I have also performed sketch comedy/improv, singing telegrams, and now pursuing voice-over work.

The feedback has been that everyone loves your "attitude" you got for Jill Zuckerberg. Where did the idea come from?

I got the idea of a newscaster person. Someone who does the news, a bit over accentuating the words and feeling like she really understands the world of traffic and those folks in the cars who listens to her traffic reports. To get into the character, I simply pulled out of my driveway and sat in traffic for 4 hours. You know, I went down the street.

Now, you're not normally in front of the audience, correct?

When I'm not in front of the audience, I work as an assistant in the home entertainment marketing department for the Walt Disney Company and my husband and I own and operate our own media company called Enticing Enterprises where we create content and help dreams come true. I aspire to one day have my name up in lights. So next week i'm legally changing my name to Merging Left Lane..

Ha! What do you feel that Undead Radio is really about with the self-mocking and jabs at everyone and everything?

My interpretation of "Undead Radio" is that in spite of all the self-mocking and jabs it's important to have a good sense of humor about ourselves and one another. But at the same time, the radio play is a wake-up call for people to pay attention and listen to one another, have an open mind, agree to disagree, be friendly and respectful with one another or we will all just turn into zombies.

Where do you see the show going from here?

"Undead Radio 2" the sequel. More holiday podcasts would be nice. And since there's a holiday nearly every week, Undead Radio has a bright, undead future.

Seriously though, any other projects you want to promote?

I recently recorded a song demo for an original musical that's currently in development. The name of the musical is, "Poppy and Mommy -- a Mom & Pop Musical." This musical is about a family that celebrates diversity while experiencing setbacks of discrimination. As I mentioned this musical is still being developed and written but I look forward to more opportunities to sing with this production and others.

Do you have any advice for aspiring entertainers out there?

The best advice I could give anyone is turn around and go back before it's too late. Actually, I'm kidding. Entertaining people is a gift and if you're lucky enough to have the gift you're blessed, but you have to be able to take rejection and failure and realize, it's not personal. I've always been told in this crazy world of show business, you have to be able to keep being persistent and just never give up.

What else do you have happening?

I did a movie called, "Justin Time Machine." It's part of a 48-hour film festival. It's a film project in which you work with a team of people and create a short movie --including writing, filming and editing all within 48-hours. It was a lot of fun. I actually got to play myself as a child speaking to my older self in the same scene. It was a great experience playing two parts and being part of the film magic.

Okay, serious question. Anything you'd like to say before we go?

It's been a great experience working with you all and being part of Undead Radio.

SELF-PROMOTION: If anyone is looking to hire a female voice-over actor, soprano singer, comic character actress, entertainer, or needs a singing telegram, -- I'm right here. I'm available. And I'm hungry... for human flesh..

Thank you very much to Penny Herman. I can vouch for her as a professional. She's great to hang out with while working and works well with others.

Stay tuned for the winter special of Undead Radio!

Haven't heard the show yet? Here you go!

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