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Mark Winkler

Serious Interview series

Dena Derakhshan here, I'm the co-writer, director and producer of the show, and we're doing a serious interview with Mark Winkler, who is a young jazz musician based in Los Angeles. He plays regularly at Vitello's and other places around the world. He also teaches songwriting and gives vocal lessons- hmm, I'm thinking it's never too late to get some lessons and work on my falsetto.

Serious, question Mark: Have you ever met Henry Winkler?

No, I sat next to him at a movie premiere once and didn't want to bother him. But, I've heard he's really nice. And no, we're not related, no matter what my Grandmother said.

Seriously though, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Sure, I'm a jazz singer and a songwriter, I've had my songs covered by a lot of artists- Liza Minelli, Ben Vereen, Dianne Reeves and Steve Tyrell among 250 others. I teach songwriting at UCLA extension and at The Songwriter's School in Burbank. And I write the lyrics for musicals- I have the second longest running Off Broadway Musical of all Time called "Naked Boys Singing!" Yes they are Naked!!! But it's actually a very sweet show- but yes they are Naked.

We've gotten a huge response from you being the first song on the show. The cheekiness of your lyrics for "Hungry Man" - where did that come from? Is that your general style?

That makes me feel great- All due to you!!! Funny how life works isn't it. I am kinda cheeky in my lyrics-- This version of "Hungry Man" is actually a parody of "Hungry Man"l by Bobby Troup (great writer- look him up) I did it to ape all of his songwriting technique and I was in a kind of "Monster Mood"! I had a lot of fun with it.

How did we meet?

Well, everybody in LA has day jobs. I think Meryl Streep has a day job-- she probably cleans chakras in Venice. You find people with too much disorganization and offer to find people to buy the clutter around the home. I remember we sold all my LPs, Laserdiscs and assorted CDs to this young guy-- who then hauled it away in his spanking new BMW-- he may have been 19 but he was a rich kid! God bless him!

How do you feel about the show itself, and where it's going to go?

I was very surprised by the quality- man you've got a great Radio voice and it was really funny- and the music was cool. Keep up the good work.

Seriously Mark, any other projects you want to promote?

Do you have an hour?? I would just say to anybody who likes Hungry Man to check me out on Spotify or Apple Music- follow me-- and oh yes go to Youtube and watch my video to "Why Are People So Stupid?" it's cheeky too.

Would you plug the show in your best DJ voice?

I'm typing this in an "awesome DJ voice" -- even lower and more resonant than your Announcer. Everybody should subscribe to the Undead Radio podcast, find the show on Youtube, and of course on Soundcloud.

What else do you have going on?

I'm finishing up my new Album today!!! Last day of mixing - look for that in 2021-- it's called "Old Friends"- I'm doing it with my pal keyboardist extraordinaire David Benoit.

Anything you'd like to say before we go?

Well, this was fun!!! Happy Halloween everyone- and don't trick or treat at my house- I'm giving out facemasks and surgical gloves instead of candy!

Thank you to Mark Winkler. To hear the Halloween Special it's available on all major podcast players including Spotify.

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